Physiological Research

In Europe alone over 50 Universities and research centres are using our equipment, outside the EU there are many more. They find that not only our equipment is very good, they also appreciate the level of technical support we are able to provide. Since we develop our own products and software, we and our resellers know them better than anybody else. Do you need special software drivers for your own application? Need special functions or file formats for the export/import of physiological data? We can help you. Need small portable systems (wireless) with 12+ hour flash recording capability?...we have them. Need 32 channel multimodal recording? Check out the NeXus-32.

We specialize in sensors, equipment and software support for physiological research,  neurophysiology and psychophysiology. Our NeXus-10, NeXus-16 and NeXus-32 are able to record electrophysiological signals with ultra-high 24 bit resolution, an amplitude range of 200,000 microvolts and a frequency range of true DC (0Hz) to 1 Kilohertz. (2048 samples / sec.) For other modalities dedicated sensors are available or third party sensors can be adapted (in most cases) to work with our systems.


Here is a short reference list of just a few of the international universities that are using our systems and software:
  • z University of Tübingen
  • z University of Munich
  • z University of Berlin (Charite)
  • z University of Nijmegen
  • z University of Electronic and Science Technology of China (UEST)
  • z China Institute of Sport Science (CISS)
  • z Civil Aviation Flight University of China
  • z University of Manchester
  • z University of Auckland
  • z University of Copenhagen
  • z University of Zürich
  • z University of California  (UCSF)
  • z University of Washington
  • z Michigan State University
  • z Emory University (Atlanta)
  • z University of Northern Texas
  • z University of Osnabrück
  • z University of Erlangen-Nürnberg
  • z University of Bonn
  • z University of Augsburg
  • z University of Innsbruck (Klinik)
  • z Université Marc Bloch (France)
Since our equipment is so flexible in terms of interfacing, sensors and supported modalities, it can be applied to many different area's of research. Some examples:
  • z Neurophysiology: realtime 32 channel EEG data acquisition
  • z Slow cortical potentials (SCP) and Epilepsy
  • z Event Related Potentials (ERP)
  • z Real-time topographic Neuromapping (brainmaps) and QEEG
  • z Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)
  • z Stress related health problems
  • z Heart rate variability (HRV)
  • z Hyperventilation and overbreathing
  • z Cardiovascular research
  • z Electromyography. (EMG support for 4 to 32 channels)
  • z Sportphysiology and performance (wireless monitoring)
  • z Market and product research (personal/emotional response testing)
  • z Headaches and chronic pain
  • z Pelvic Floor disorders
  • z Polysomnography
If you are a researcher and have special needs or questions, best is to contact us and have one of our developers talk to you. There is a good chance we have what you are looking for.


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