NeXus-16: features very flexible 16 channel multi-modal recording in several hardware configurations. Using fast USB 2.0 and fiber optics, it offers up to 2048 samples per second on all channels at full 24 bit resolution. The system is also equipped for flash memory recording. (without a PC) An ideal system for physiological research or advanced clinical use.

Note: NeXus-16 is certified as a medical device class IIa. (EU)
More Flexibility!

The standard configuration of the NeXus-16 has 8 bi-polar EXG channels for EMG, ECG, EOG and EEG including support for SCP (slow cortical potentials) with an additional 8 AUX channels for all other modalities. So all the functions of the NeXus-10 required for clinical applications are also present in the 16. It is therefore fully capable of multi-modal biofeedback & neurofeedback.

The standard configuration of the NeXus-16 supports:

●  8 bi-polar EXG channels for EMG, ECG, EOG or EEG

● 7 Auxiliary channels for Respiration, BVP, SC/GSR and Temperature in any combination.

● 1 Digital channel for Oximetry and digital event sychronization. (ERP)

Flexible configurations: The NeXus-16 can (on special request) be ordered with different configurations, such as with 16 bi-polar EXG channels. This way you can use it for 16 channel EMG monitoring. Another configuration is with 16 auxiliary channels for any combination of the sensors mentioned above. Last but not least, you can also order this system with 16 uni-polar EEG inputs.

All inputs are 24 bit and sample up to 2048 SPS!

More Precision

Not only does the NeXus-16 deliver more flexibility than any most other systems, it handles each task with unmatched speed and precision.

● Through 16 independent 24-bit AD converters you get higher bandwidth, more dynamic range (200,000 microvolts) and better resolution.

● The NeXus-16 has been designed with a 1Khz digital event channel that clinicians can use to indicate digitally when an event has occurred. (prepared for ERP recordings)

Example:: Some signals like skin temperature or skin conductance, but also EMG amplitude will not be resolved very well by 12-14 bit systems. Where such signals flatline on others systems, the NeXus-10 may still show activity. Micro-physiological changes of for instance 1/10000th degree celsius temperature can still be resolved by NeXus-10's ultra high 24 bit resolution.

Less Artifact and Noise

As with the NeXus-10, the NeXus-16 uses our special carbon coated cables in combination with active shielding. This implies that notch filters (50/60Hz) are not required anymore, movement artifact is virtually absent and noise levels are lower than with non-shielded cables. When using EEG caps (for QEEG or brain mapping) each individual EEG channel has it's own active shield from the system up to the very end of the electrode. For this price/performance ratio, that may be called quite unique. Most 16 channel systems use single wire cables without active shielding, leading to significant movement artifacts or noise.

No notch filters: This implies that for EEG and EMG the full range from DC to about 1000 HZ is available without distortion or loss of signals in the lower ranges around 45-65Hz. NeXus-16 has a flat frequency response from 0 (DC) to above 512Hz.

More Sensors and Modalities

The NeXus-16 supports a wide and expanding series of physiological sensors that offer high precision and more modalties than most other systems on the market. NeXus-16 can measure electrophysiological signals at high speed (EEG/EMG/ECG/EOG etc.) up to 2048 samples/sec. In addition to that  it can record auxiliary sensors in many different combinations.

Current Electrophysiological signals that are supported:

EEG, DC-EEG and SCP (Slow cortical potentials). Hardware is ready for ERP's.

EMG (surface) for both raw EMG signals up to 1 Khz and rms Amplitude signals

ECG/EKG (high dynamic range and up to 2048 samples/sec)

EOG (True DC Electro-Oculography)

EDR (DC skin potentials)

Auxiliary sensors:

Respiration (abdominal and thoracial)

●  Blood Volume Pulse (BVP/PPG) for relative vasodilation & vasoconstriction and HRV

Oximetry. (relative saturation of oxygen in the blood)

SC/GSR, Skin Conductance, very high resolution up to 1/10000 micro-siemens resolution

● Skin Temperature. Very high resolution up to 1/10000th of a degree celsius.

NEW sensors currently under development (not yet available)

● Capnometry (ETCO2)

● HEG (hemo-encephalography)

For research purposes:: we do customer specific sensor solutions too. If you have a special sensor you want to use with or connect to NeXus-16, please contact us for more information.

Applications & QEEG functionality

The NeXus-16 is shipped with a special extended version of BioTrace+ that supports more data channels and has brain-mapping and QEEG functions built-in. EEG data can be exported to several existing QEEG software solutions for further analysis, like SKIL, EureKa (Novatech) and in the future also NeuroGuide.

Apart from the special multi-channel EEG, brain mapping and QEEG functions all the clinical applications and biofeedback/neurofeedback applications that the NeXus-10 supports are also included in the NeXus-16 hardware and software.

Clinical applications:: supported by the Biotrace+ Software.

More Flexibility for Researchers

The NeXus-16 is configurable in terms of sensors, software, drivers and interfacing.

Researchers often ask us if they can interface their own software to the NeXus-16. The answer is YES! If you agree to sign a 1 page NDA (for non-commercial use) we will provide you with the information you need to read real time data into your own software. There are four options:

● Interface your software to output files generated by NeXus-16 & BioTrace+ (real-time)
● Develop your own DLL and integrate it into BioTrace+
● Develop your own BlueTooth/USB interface to the hardware.
● Export the (offline) session data from BioTrace+ into standard ASCII, EDF or other file formats. (compatible with Excel, Matlab, Statistica, etc.)

Note:: Writing your own low level software driver is only recommended for advanced users or experienced software developers.

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