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These are lower priced products for use at home. They are easy to use and generally applied for stress reduction or relaxation.

The RSI protector is a very small portable EMG feedback device (2 channels).
RSI protector (EMG)

This is an affordable dual channel EMG system which is designed to monitor the muscle (EMG) activity in the neck - shoulder area. It can also be used to monitor muscle tension at the forehead or the masseter muscle (bruxism). This very small system has the size of a matchbox and runs on a single battery. When the EMG level of either the left or right channel goes over the threshold, a visual feedback signal (red and green LEDS) and auditory feedback level is used to warn the user. This product runs stand-alone and does not require a computer.

It uses standard surface EMG electrodes (pregelled).

How does it work?

The RSI protector monitors the muscle 'activity' or musle tone acquired from the EMG. (Electromyogram) These are the electrical impulses that tell the muscle to contract or release. When you are under chronic stress, your muscle tone tends to go up and cause your bloodflow to be reduced and possibly may cause pain to build up. When the muscle tone is over threshold for longer than several seconds, it will warn you so you can release the tension and therefore it help you to prevent chronic tension turn into pain or RSI type of problems.

The Thought Stream offers visual and audio tone feedback
Thought Stream

The thought stream is a nice and affordable product for GSR (galvanic skin resistance) feedback. It can be used stand-alone or with the supplied software (for Windows). This software is easy to operate and feeds back the GSR level using pretty graphics and sounds.

The main application of this product is for GSR and stress reduction and relaxation. We advise this product only for home use and not for clinical use.

How does it work?

The Thought Stream responds to changes in the electrical conductivity of your skin. When you get stressed your skin resistance goes down, when you relax your skin resistance goes up. This device translates that activity into a colorful visual display.

Software Features:

When you connect it to a Windows PC you can use a number of computer guided exercises and games and 'train' your relaxation level. There are multiple sensitivity settings.


The Thought Stream Software

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