EEG-Trainer: is a 2-channel Neurofeedback system expandable to 4 channels (2 EEG plus 1 Skin Conductance and 1 Skin Temperature). Connect it to your PC through a USB cable. It supports 256 samples per second and a frequency range (wide-band) from 0.5 to 100Hz with 16 bit resolution! Most systems in this price range offer less resolution (8-12 bits only) and can't match the precision of our EEG-Trainer.


With an input impedance of over 1000 Gigaohms, 0.06 microvolts sampling accuracy and bandwidth of 0.5 to 100Hz this system offers one of the best price performance ratios in the industry. Total amplitude range is 4000 microvolts pk-pk.

Note: the EEG-trainer has standard CE certification and is only for sale in the EU. For customers requiring medical class I or II devices, please check out our NeXus series of products! For use on patients we advise to use medical certified systems only!

What is included?

The EEG trainer is shipped complete with its own NeuroTrace software (for Windows 2000/XP) and all the required accessories:

- Special carbon coated shielded cable

- NuPrep skin preparation gel

- 10-20 EEG paste

- Robust carry case

- NeuroTrace software (English or German)

- Hardware and software manual

- Software programmable filters (Theta, Alpha, SMR, Beta, Gamma)

- Software editable screens

- Full Spectral Analysis in Software

Low Noise Cables

One of the main concerns of lower priced digital EEG systems is the level of noise and artifacts. With the EEG-trainer you are getting the same active shielding technique and quality of carbon fiber cables that our topline product, the NeXus-10 is using. This means that each cable is shielded from the system up to the very end of the electrode. Movement artifact level is very low.

EEG-Trainer Applications

The system is suitable for beginning to intermediate level users and health professionals. It can be used for the following 'non-medical' training applications:

  • - Attention training
  • - General Neurofeedback training
  • - Mental performance enhancement training
  • - Mental and physical relaxation training
  • - Peak performance training
  • - Feedback and monitoring during meditation & deep relaxation

Note: when you extend this system with the combined skin conductance and skin temperature cable, you can add stress management and relaxation applications. The software is already preloaded with screens for those categories.

Competitively priced!

The EEG trainer is priced competitively with other existing 2 and 4 channel systems in the market. In fact we are convinced that you will not find any other system offering so many features at this price level. In case you can not afford or do not need a full blown NeXus-10 system, we advise you to take a good look at our EEG-Trainer.

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