NeXus-4: is a truly portable system that supports 4 inputs channels for: EEG, EMG, ECG, EOG, BVP, Skin conductance, Respiration, Skin Temperature, and HR (heart rate). Apart from the wireless 'real-time' data link to your computer, you can also store up to 24 hours of physiological data (depending on the batteries) on its built-in flash memory. This system is so small, it fits in your pocket!

Note: the NeXus-4 is certified as a medical device class IIa in the EU. This product
can be used for physiological monitoring and research, but also for clinical psychophysiology (Biofeedback, Neurofeedback )
What is included?

The NeXus-4 comes complete with the BioTrace software, which is compatible with the software for the NeXus-10, 16 and 32. You only need to decide which sensors you buy with the system. The sensors are compatible with NeXus-10.

Included is:

  • - The NeXus-4 unit
  • - A BlueTooth interface
  • - A leather carry case
  • - 24 month of warranty
  • - BioTrace Software
  • - Manuals

The NeXus-4 can record up to 2 EXG input channels (any combinationof EEG, ECG, EMG or EOG) and an additional 2 auxiliary channels. (Any combination of Respiration, Blood Volume Pulse, Skin Conductance and Skin Temperature)

Note: Please feel free to contact us for information other sensors / modalities.

Low Noise Cables!

One of the main concerns of portable systems is the level of noise and artifacts. NeXus-4 is using the same active shielding technique and carbon coated cables that our top of the line NeXus-10 is using. This means that each cable is shielded from the system up to the very end of the electrode. Movement artifact is virtually absent and notch filters are no longer required.

More technical data:

The NeXus-4 uses internal 24 bit AD convertors and low noise preamplifiers for optimum signal quality. The physiological data is acquired at up to 1024 samples per second.

The NeXus-4 uses the same sensors as the NeXus-10 platform.


Dual Monitor Support

The BioTrace software that is supplied with the NeXus-4 offers almost all the features that are included in the BioTrace+ software for the NeXus-10, 16 and 32. One of those features is full dual monitor support.


HRV Applications

This battery operated system can be used to acquire ECG or EEG data over periods of up to 24 hours (depending on battery power) In terms of HRV recording, it supports:

  • - HRV data recording up to 24 hours
  • - HRV data analysis and printed reports
  • - HRV training screens

Discounts: We provide special discounts when multiple units are purchased. (valid for more than 2 units)

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