Nexus-10 is a 10 channel Physiological Monitoring and Feedback platform that utilizes BlueTooth Wireless Communication and Flash Memory (SD) Technologies. NeXus-10 offers data acquisition at up to 2048 samples per second.

Note: NeXus-10 is certified as a medical device class IIa. (EU)
More Mobility

By leveraging the power of wireless Bluetooth ® technology, the NeXus-10 opens up numerous potential applications and creates the possibility of more effective training sessions.

● Clinicians now have the option of administering training in virtually any environment and using multiple positions, creating new possibilities for both researchers and clinicians.

● Support for up to 1GB of flash memory allows for the collection of more patient data over a longer time frame without having to be connected to a workstation.

● No wires to attach means no wires to inadvertently disconnect. This can be particularly useful in situations like working with children as well as extended ambulation.

● System is extremely portable and can fit conveniently into two briefcases, making it possible to work virtually anywhere.

Bluetooth®:: Is a proven technology and now widely accepted in medical devices for a fast and reliable connection. Several medical devices using BlueTooth have already been approved by the american FDA. Read more here...

More Versatility

The NeXus-10 is a powerful, feature-rich platform that offers clinicians and researchers unparalleled flexibility.

● A total of 10 channels give you an unmatched array of monitoring and training tools.
● Four fast channels are capable of handling 2,048 samples per second, allowing for simultaneous evaluation of EMG, EEG, ECG, and EOG, as well as the underlying slow cortical potentials contained within the EEG readings.
● Six additional connections provide clinicians and researchers with the capability to measure skin temperature, respiration, heart rate, and skin conductance.
● The NeXus-10 is the first biofeedback system to support SCP, EOG, and SpO2 modalities, and is pre-programmed to accommodate future capabilities as they become available.
● True DC amplifiers support the recording of both slow cortical potentials and EOG.

True DC:: NeXus-10 is one of the very few systems on the market capable of doing TRUE DC. This means any signal within the range of + to - 100,000 microvolts can be monitored in both AC and DC over longer period of time. Therefore NeXus-10 can monitor DC-EEG/SCP trends as well as the actual Spontaneous EEG simultaneously.

More Precision

Not only does the NeXus-10 deliver more versatility than every other system available, it handles each task with unmatched speed and precision.

● Through 8 independent 24-bit AD converters you get higher bandwidth, more dynamic range (200,000 microvolts) and better resolution. This may seem like overkill today, but in 5 years this may well be the industry standard.

● The NeXus-10 has been designed with a 1Khz digital input channel that clinicians can use to indicate digitally when an event has occurred. (prepared for ERP recordings)

Example:: Some signals like skin temperature or skin conductance, but also EMG amplitude will not be resolved very well by 12-14 bit systems. Where such signals flatline on others systems, the NeXus-10 may still show activity. Micro-physiological changes of for instance 1/10000th degree celsius temperature can still be resolved by NeXus-10's ultra high 24 bit resolution.

More Cost-Effective

The NeXus-10 is affordable to operate and affordable to own, so it delivers unmatched power and performance today while meeting your training needs over the long-term.

● The NeXus-10 does not require expensive active sensors for each electrophysiological modality. Instead, the dual channel multi-modal EXG cable can be used for recording EMG, EEG, ECG, and EOG signals. Fewer sensors to buy means less money to spend.

● Built with scalability in mind, so it's packed with technology that's leading-edge now and for the foreseeable future

Example:: Some systems require a separate active sensor for each single channel of a modality (like EEG). The NeXus-10 dual channel EXG cable costs typically the same as one active sensor, but offers 2 channels and 4 modalities at the same price. So 1 EXG cable = about 4 active sensors.

More Durable

Not only has the NeXus-10 been designed with the future in mind, it's been built durable enough to medical grade standards so that it will provide problem-free performance for years to come in virtually any environment.

● Brushed metal connectors are more robust for greater durability.
● Cables are carbon coated to minimize low noise while providing artifact-free data.
● High quality sensors won't slip from your fingers.

Push-pull:: all connectors will lock into position and not come 'loose' even during sports or heavy duty use. Through an easy push-pull mechanism you insert and remove the connectors.

More Sensors & Modalities

The NeXus-10 supports a wide and expanding series of physiological sensors that offer high precision and more modalties than most other systems on the market. NeXus-10 can measure 4 fast electrophysiological signals at high speed (EEG/EMG/ECG/EOG etc.) up to 2048 samples/sec. In addition to that  it can record another 6 auxiliary sensors in different combinations.

Current Electrophysiological signals that are supported:

EEG, DC-EEG and SCP (Slow cortical potentials). Hardware is ready for ERP's.

EMG (surface) for both raw EMG signals up to 1 Khz and rms Amplitude signals

ECG/EKG (high dynamic range and up to 2048 samples/sec)

EOG (True DC Electro-Oculography)

EDR (DC skin potentials)

Auxiliary sensors:

Respiration (abdominal and thoracial)

● Blood Volume Pulse (BVP/PPG) for relative vasodilation/vasoconstriction and HRV

Oximetry. (relative saturation of oxygen in the blood)

SC/GSR, Skin Conductance, very high resolution up to 1/10000 micro-siemens resolution

● Skin Temperature. Very high resolution up to 1/10000th of a degree celsius.

NEW sensors currently under development (not yet available)

● Capnometry (ETCO2)

● HEG (hemo-encephalography)

● Force (1-1000N)

For research purposes:: we do customer specific sensor solutions too. If you have a special sensor you want to use with or connect to NeXus-10, please contact us for more information.

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