Nexus-10 MarkII

Opening up new dimensions of human neurophysiology and feedback training: the new Nexus-10 Mark II is a multi-channel channel Physiological Monitoring and Feedback platform that utilizes BlueTooth Wireless Communication, USB and Flash Memory (SD) Technologies. NeXus-10 Mark II offers data acquisition at up to 8192 samples per second and supports a wide range of physiological sensors.



Note: NeXus-10 Mark II is certified as a medical device class IIa. (EU)


Better Signals: Active Noise Cancellation

Signal quality is key! Working with physiological signals at the microvolt level means that we must take great care in reducing artifacts and rejection. NeXus uses proprietary carbon technology in its EXG sensor cables, in combination with active noise cancellation technology. Instead of “hiding” noise and artifacts with the classic fi lter approach, we simply measure the external noise and subtract it, resulting in cleaner signals and less artifacts.

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Nexus-10 MarkII

Better Sensors, Better Connectors: More Reliability

If the NeXus, metaphorically speaking, was a 20+ megapixel digital camera, what about the lens quality? Having lots of megapixels with a poor lens won’t deliver the picture you desire. That is why NeXus engineers undertook extensive research and development work on the sensors and carbon technology. It is also the reason why we use heavy duty, brushed metal connectors that lock in - meaning less worries about poor contacts, bent pins or broken connectors.

Better Connectivity: Wireless design

Connecting to your PC with a cable can really limit your freedom to move around while using the equipment. That is why the Mark II, like its predecessor, the NeXus-10, comes with built-in wireless Bluetooth. It is also a fully ambulatory system that can work stand-alone and store more than 24 hours of data on a SD fl ash card. But as always, Nexus does not ask you to compromise: we also added a USB 2.0 wired link for those of you who require higher sample rates.

More Powerful: Lithium Polymer Technology

Mind Media integrated a state of the art Lithium-Polymer battery pack into the Mark II, offering over 24 hours of operation on a single charge. A built-in supercapacitor allows you to switch battery packs without interrupting recording.


Ultra Wide-band Amplifiers: More Cost-Effective

Because of its unique amplifier design and carbon technology, you don't only get better signals, but you even save money! For the typical price of a single (1 channel) active sensor, the NeXus EXG cable gets you 2 channels of EEG, or DC-EEG, sEMG, ECG, EOG, or a combination. When you take sensor cost into account, you will be pleased to discover how cost-effective NeXus is!



Nexus Sceen

A screenshot of actual SCP and True DC-EEG signals recorded on NeXus-10

Better Resolution: 24-BIT

In a digital world, resolution is everything. When you buy a digital camera, it makes no sense anymore to accept less than 10 megapixels. A two megapixel camera would show blurred images as soon as you zoom in or start looking at any detail. The same is true for physiological signals. NeXus uses 24-bit technology, resulting in ultra-high resolution and greater dynamic range.



Digital Sensors: Better Interfacing, More Channels

These are digital times and Mind Media is proud to introduce the new series of NeXus digital sensors. Digital sensors have a multi-channel design and extend your NeXus with 1 to 16 channels of physiology with a single connector. Whether you are a clinician or a researcher, these new digital sensors deliver a major benefi t to you.

Better Software: More Flexibility and Easy of Use

The BioTrace+ software offers unmatched versatility for clinicians and unmatched power for researchers. But if fl exible feedback and frequency settings, user confi guration, programmable data processing and graphic display sound a bit daunting – fear not! It is easier than ever to get started with NeXus! Our acclaimed, easy to use, point-and-click Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and Assessment protocol suites, that are included in the standard price, provide intuitive, stress-free guidance to putting the NeXus-10 Mark II to work for you. BioTrace+ software updates are free.

More Durable

? Brushed metal connectors are more robust for greater durability.
? Cables are carbon coated to minimize low noise while providing artifact-free data.
? High quality sensors won't slip from your fingers.

Push-pull : : all connectors will lock into position and not come 'loose' even during sports or heavy duty use. Through an easy push-pull mechanism you insert and remove the connectors.


Above a magnification of actual EMG amplitude signals recorded in 12-14 bit versus the 24 bit recording of the NeXus-10. (2 microvolt rms total range)

Nexus-10 Mark-II

Protective leather case and medical grade brushed metal connectors.

More Software Drivers

Researchers often ask us if they can interface their own software to the NeXus-10. The answer is YES! If you agree to sign a 1 page NDA (for non-commercial use) we will provide you with the information you need to read real time data into your own software. There are four options:

? Interface your software to output files generated by NeXus-10 & BioTrace+ (real-time)
? Develop your own DLL and integrate it into BioTrace+
? Develop your own BlueTooth/USB interface to the hardware.
? Export the (offline) session data from BioTrace+ into standard ASCII, EDF or other file formats. (compatible with Excel, Matlab, Statistica, etc.)

Note : Writing your own low level software driver is only recommended for advanced users or experienced software developers.



More technical Support

We provide excellence technical and after-sales support. We also conduct training programs (Beginner, Intermedite, Advanced) and workshops in India.


BVP sensor

BVP/PPG finger sensor


Source Code sample

Sample C++ driver code for advanced users.


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