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Vital Sign Monitors

We offer the best and cost-effective Multi Parameter Vital Sign Monitors imported from USA.


Medical Monitors from Infinium Medical are Both Cost Effective and Extremely Accurate

Portable, light-weight Multi Parameter Vital Sign Monitors from Infinium. Models available:


OmniI - click to know more

Omni I

OmniII - click to know more


OmniIII - click to know more


OmniExpress - click to know more



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Goldwei offers high quality Medical equipements and patient monitors

GOLDWEI is a US based leading supplier to the Healthcare Profession and medical equipment manufacturers and specialized in high quality medical equipments, industrial testing instruments, measuring equipments, Patient monitors, OEM modules and medical consuming materials.

Models available from Goldwei:


CMS6800- click to know more


CMS8000 - click to know more


CMS9000MP - click to know more


G2A Vital Sign Monitor - click to know more

G2A Vital Signs Patient Monitor



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