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Computerized Neuro-Cognitive and Neuro-Psychological Tests now available in India!

CANTABEclipsecomputerised neuropsychological tests from Cambridge Cognition, UK.

Download CANTAB brochure here:

1. CANTABeclipse


Test Batteries Available:

1. CANTAB Core Battery_Alzheimers

2. CANTAB Core Battery_Enhance

3. CANTAB Core Battery_ADHD

4. CANTAB Core Battery_MCI_

5. CANTAB Core Battery_Mood

6. CANTAB Core Battery_Schizophrenia etc.


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The 22 tests in the CANTAB® battery may be divided into the following main types of task:

- Screening tests

1. Motor Screening (MOT)

2. Big/Little Circle (BLC)

- Visual memory tests

3. Delayed Matching to Sample (DMS)

4. Paired Associates Learning (PAL)

5. Pattern Recognition Memory (PRM)

6. Spatial Recognition Memory (SRM)

- Executive function, working memory and planning tests

7. Intra/Extradimensional shift (IED)

8. One Touch Stockings of Cambridge (OTS)

9. Stockings of Cambridge (SOC)

10. Spatial Span (SSP)

11. Spatial Working Memory (SWM)

- Attention tests

12. Choice Reaction Time (CRT)

13. Matching to Sample Visual Search (MTS)

14. Reaction Time (RTI)

15. Rapid Visual Information Processing (RVP)

16. Simple Reaction Time (SRT)

- Semantic/verbal memory tests

17. Graded Naming Test (GNT)

18. Verbal Recognition Memory (VRM)

- Decision-making and response control tests

19. Affective Go/No-go (AGN)

20. Cambridge Gambling Task (CGT)

21. Information Sampling Task (IST)

22. Stop Signal Task (SST)

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2.CNS Vital Signs™ - standalone computer-based Neuro-cognitive tests from USA.


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1. CNS Vital Signs


… The Most Clinically Useful

Sub-tests available:

1. Verbal Memory

2. Visual Memory

3. Symbol Digit Coding

4. Finger Tapping

5. Stroop

6. Shifting Attention

7. Continuous Performance


Also available: ADHD, Depression, MCI, and other Medical and Health Rating Scales

CNS Report
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