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What separates Champions like Michaeal Schumacher, Mohammed Ali, Sachin Tendulkar from the rest? What makes players lose form and then regain it? Why some players seem to go on and on while others shine momentarily on the horizon and then fade away? Why there are times when a player feels like “he/she is unbeatable” and times when he just can’t get even the basics right? Have you ever thought about these questions?

In today’s extremely competitive arena of sports, every sportsperson needs to overcome psychological barriers to achieve the peak performance. It’s no longer only about physical fitness and physical skills. Competing at the top level is all about your mental toughness, your attitude and your ability to handle extreme pressure. Peak performance Sports Solutions are scientifically designed to help you realize your true potential and achieve Peak Performance. We help bring out the champion in you. We offer following solutions:


SSports Academy Peak Performance Center Package

SSports Peak Performance Super Achiever Package

SPeak Performance Team Building Package

SSports Stress & Anxiety Management Package

SMotivation and Focus Retention Package

SForm retention and Form Recovery package

SSports Self Confidence Building Package

SSports Concentration Development Package

SWinning Habit/Killing Instinct Development Package

SGoal Setting, Imagery and Simulation Package

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    In the Peak Performance Sports Solutions we use Biofeedback, Neurofeedback, and AVE techniques to enhance the performance of the Brain and Body.

    Using the Neurofeedback/Biofeedback instruments, we find out the areas, where the student needs improvement and then we train that area of the brain.


    What distinguishes us?
    We are the first professional organization in India to implement Biofeedback/Neurofeedback in India.

    What is Biofeedback?  
    Biofeedback is a technique to record, analyze, and train the Physiological signals in the body. In Biofeedback, different non-invasive sensors are attached to the body and then the body signals are recorded. It is as simple as using a Blood Pressure machine.

    What is Neurofeedback?
    Neurofeedback is a technique to record, analyze, and train the Brain waves. There are different areas in our brain responsible for different activities – concentration, analytical skills, memory, focus, decision making, motor skills etc. In Neurofeedback, sensors are attached to the head and the brain activities are recorded. It is as simple as wearing a cap.

    What is AVE?
    Audio Video Entrainment is a technique in which a simple gadget like a headphone and goggles are used for the training. 



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